Auto Insurance Encompass Insurance Company Review

I had the opportunity to review several different auto insurance encompass insurance companies. I live in New York City, but am not exactly heavy on the pocketbook. Therefore, I needed to find a way to save some money, and this review is to help you do just that.

The first thing I did was to contact my current insurance and mywife was able to get a comparable quote. While my situation was not exactly the same as hers, I was able to save a few hundred dollars on my pending insurance.

I also contacted two of the top New York auto insurance companies for a quote. While my previous insurance company was only a few hundred dollars a month, this new company was able to offer me a much better rate. They were willing to cut my bill nearly in half!

After researching some more I found a local insurance agency that also offered me a greatly reduced quote. This would be the cheapest New York insurance quote. Since I had already called my previous insurance company and they were willing to reduce my policy $300, my new insurance company was able to give me $150 more!

At this point I had to decide between keeping my old insurance company or changing companies. I had heard that changing insurance companies is a good idea after all. So I called my new insurance company and the agent asked me if I wanted to keep my old policy or if I wanted a quote. I discounted the quote and the next day I got a phone call from the previous insurance company telling me that quote was correct.

Best Quote Company

Of course, I immediately went on line and found the best quote on the internet for my automobile. I saw that my new policy was cheaper than what I had been paying my previous insurance company. I also saw that the policy benefits allowed me to increase Personal Injury Protection. This is a very important coverage for me and my family. I added an inexpensive aftermarket item to my automobile which added $700 to my policy.

Here is what I did to save my hard earned money.

In the previous year, I had roadside assistance with my insurance company and my spouse had not had roadside assistance. So, I bought it and added it to my policy. This was an inexpensive solution to a $700 expense.

With the new policy, I could go to the office and fill out a card with just my name and windshield number of the vehicle. It would be a lot easier than trying to get out of the seat belt or taking out the trunk full of bags and the DVD player. I had roadside assistance with my electronic dispatch System. I could have called my Farm Bureau or other road assistance business and was able to have someone come out and start the car if I were away from the house. This would have been very valuable time in the hospital.

Technology was another way to improve my life. This is one way you can cut back and not have to live in fear of a life changing event. Let’s review the ways to save your valuable time:

  1. revisiting your auto insurance policy: initiative to review your policy is a way to save your precious time. A lot of people tend to forget or do not know certain points they need to insure like personal property coverage or automobile insurance. When you go over your insurance policy keep certain points in mind that include the ages of the drivers, the credit history and their driving records. You may also want to include drivers that live in your household but are not residents of the same house.
  2. motivation: tell your children that if they earn high enough grades, they will be entitled to discounts. Many insurance companies offer discount for students who maintain a certain grade point average. Other companies offer discount for students who maintain more than a certain number of miles.
  3. shop around: don’t let the first insurance company you look at put you off with a high price, you can still find a better deal out there. It is a good idea to call other insurance companies and ask for quotes. This will give you a chance to ask the same questions of each insurance company in order to settle on who will give you the best price.
  4. don’t settle for less: even if you get a quote that is way lower than any other quotes you have been looking at, don’t settle for this just because it’s the lowest. You will regret it later. Make sure you get every discount available in your insurance.

Finally, you need to know which company you are going to pick to insure your car. One company may charge you $1000 less than the next company. This is how they compete. It is a fact most of the companies will offer the same discounts. You won’t see the difference between them. The only way to you will find out is to shop around and get quotes from each of them.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips will help you save money on your auto insurance.

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