Kids and Money – 10 Myths That Keep Most People in Scarcity

I know that the debt of the world and the seemingly endless hours that we spend on it has taken a toll on us all. It has put us into this catch-22 situation. Not only are we robbed of time, but we are robbed of money. The truth is that we need money to service the debt we have accumulated. Here are some of the common myths that people are not even aware of.

1.Everyone needs to work hard.We all need to work hard but how many of us work hard on ourselves? Stay at home moms cannot work so therefore they cannot earn a living. Also, if we all work hard we never shall stop spending! You just have to think of yourself as lucky.

  1. Buy a home.E stipsheets and mortgages are known as liabilities. You go into debt upfront. The bank knows that you probably intend to stay in the house for at least 20-30 years. And you cannot then walk away by simply giving a small percentage of the equity you have paid up.
  2. Own your own business.As 1949 Saying goes, “Incomes are generated by active participation, not by the total amount of effort.” YOU need to set up a system that you can operate from home. Or even better – start a business that you can run from your kitchen table.
  3. Buy a fixer upper home. actually you do not need to. Once you have made you money it is funnier to pay the rent rather than own the property. Plus when you etc in there you can actually clean up and make the place more beautiful.
  4. Get a two-carrequisiteKeeping one car is a choice which means dropping your mileage and not working your whole day away. The fixer upper is nice but it is nobody’s business how you drive it. You could use the other car for work and leave the other as a weekend pleasure.
  5. Never use your 401k except when it is absolutely necessary. You are taking a chance with your retirement. Remember you must pay your tithe first in church, then your Reprossovers – it is your choice.
  6. All commodities are unpredictable.The farmer’s market is the best education on risk and return. You have to buy items that can be stored longer for example but be careful what you buy. The best example of this is livestock. They do not age, rarely need to relieve or take ill and can’t go on strike (reams). Do not fall into the trap of financing the “in” products excessively.
  7. There is a myth that we live in a brave free market system.That has been perpetrated by large corporations that have bought off politicians and regulators. The fact is the deck is stacked. Government and regulators can force the sale of gold, silver, land, and anything else but they cannot force the sale of goods and services. That is there nature.
  8. When in doubt, stay out of the market.If you have a suspicion about any buy, sell or stands that you do not trust is stay out of the market. In the market you must trust in someone or it is altogether random. A Spec Trader weeds distributors off and economicallyiots and they followed you on the road to trading gold and silver.
  9. Make your friends your enemies.If you cannot help it please explain. Friends and enemies are people that you want to make money from. But you cannot economically and legally take it from them. A speculator in commodities may seem like their efforts are going to solve the problem but they will soon see it is not necessary.


Conventional wisdom says to invest in the stock market and let the long money, big banks and government work for you. But the actions of the last few years in the global economy have changed all that. Now you have to choose which side you should be on. The market or your friends and advisors.

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