The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business

Money and Business; What Should You Do?

The overwhelming majority of people do not have prior knowledge, skill or financial background to start an enterprise of their own. In the case of many people, the biggest obstacle to starting an enterprise is their lack of the necessary knowledge and skill to set up a proper business structure, manage operations and generate income.

There are several ways to get started and get to know the business world, each having advantages and disadvantages, for the individual person. First, you may get a job at a large company, where the Parmar shared office space with another employee of the same company. The paperwork for this position can be eased by involvement with a company-proprietor who can help with the paperwork. The downside to this is that it can lead to dual identity for the individual, which is detrimental to both job and citizen status.

If the individual has been fortunate enough to land a job within the financial services industry, then they have an advantage, because brokerage firms tend to value people who have previously worked with brokerage firms, as they tend to have close ties with certain brokerage houses, have previous working relationships with the individuals, and have inside trading knowledge. A person who is working in the brokerage industry as a salary will find that after they are educated and gain any level of experience, they are in a position to have access to broker dealer knowledge, which can prove to be very beneficial in their day-to-day operations.

Some people are tempted to solely use their own money to start a home based business because it is relatively easy for the individual to access and obtain capital to a home office. Most home businesses require a set of folding chairs, a telephone line, fax machine and computer. With a minimal investment into the business, most homes can provide a substantial amount of the above items. However, the only drawbacks to the business model are that most individuals do not possess the equipment and training necessary to run the business properly and they lack the organizational skills and dedication to be effective.

Another alternative to a traditional business is the stock market. This can prove to be a brilliant alternative for individuals who are interested in, but do not need, professional assistance. Stocks are issued by companies and are traded on the exchange, similar to a stock exchange. Buying and selling of stocks is either by actual person or by brokerage firm to buy and sell stocks, just like a normal stock exchange. However, although stocks can prove to be very profitable, they can also be very risky, and an understanding of the system, and how to trade, is extremely important before one jumps into the stocks world.

One of the first steps to getting started with stocks is to try account #1. This requires a minimum amount of cash, trust fund and records of all expenditures made for the first three to six months. It sounds time consuming, but in reality, paying your rent is on a credit card. At the end of the month, you will know exactly how much money you have Really, it is that simple. The disadvantage to this system is that the individual will probably spend more money than they can afford with their current living situation and knowledge in stocks. The bottom line of this system is that people have to take the plunge and start living normal or they will never know how to succeed.

The second option is the trading account, which can also be done by brokerage firms. There are no regulations to these accounts and accounts are easily attainable by anybody who is willing and able to understand the precarious world of the stock market. The advantage of this system is that much less money is required to get involve with the trading world. Many brokerage firms issue credit cards to their clients which have a thousand dollar limit. This limit can be used with these accounts to buy stock and eliminate the need for your future income to come from a job and pay rent, utilities, insurance and finance. Many people find this information interesting and some use it to their advantage.

All three of these trading accounts can prove to be a very valuable tool in the process of learning the skills needed for the future needs of the individual to take care of their family’s future. The problems with starting a business today to provide for the future needs of your family should be avoided, at least until one fully understands the business world and how to gain access into the stock market. It is simple, research the risks and disadvantages of starting a business and do not begin ahead of time. Start now, one step at a time, prove to yourself and your loved ones that you do not need professional assistance.

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